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Bridal photography and portraits to Check out the portrait photography gallery below. There are a lot of photographers out there. Make sure that your photographer will capture all the special moments, with photography that tell stories that will last a life time.

Bridal portrait photoshoot
Texas wedding photographer, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay
Texas Wedding Bride in White with a touch of red
Peaceful bridal photography
Outdoor bridal portrait
Shaded porch - old mansion - fun bridal portrait
Elegant bridal portrait
Gorgeous bridal portrait
Outdoor bridal photography
Happy bridal portrait
Bridal portrait at a gate
Portrait of Bride in Texas
Portrait Photography of Bride
Unique Bridal Portrait
classy bridal portrait
Bride in sunlight
Calm bridal photography
Outdoor portrait of a bride
Cancun Wedding, Traveling Texas Wedding Photographer
outdoor bridal photo
Texas bride walking
Texas bride under tree
Texas bride posing
Smiling Texas Bride
Bridal photography in Texas
wedding dress photography
bridal unveiling portrait
Outdoor bridal photography1
Texas bridal photo with flowers
Bride in Wedding Dress
Bride with a bouquet in Texas
Camp Lucy Bride
Bride in a white dress in Texas
Standing bridal portrait
Texas photographer hill country wedding
Texas wedding photographer, Pecan Springs Ranch Bride
bride holding a bouquet
Texas Wedding Photographer Fashions Fancy Imagery
bride with red and white bouquet
Texas wedding Horse, Bride and flowers
Bride posing by a fireplace
Charming Antique Style Bridals
outdoor bridal portrait Texas
Texas Wedding Photographer Flowers
Texas Wedding Photographer Bride and classic car
vintage bridal photo Texas
Classic bridal portrait
bridal portrait
Natural Window Light Over the shoulder Bridal Portrait
Bridal portrait at the fireplace
Horse Bowing and Bride Kneeling Create Memorable Image
Texas Wedding Photographer Wow, Wow, Wow!

Portraiture Before The Walk Down The Aisle

Texas wedding photographer, stacked chairs, happy bride

Not Just Your Southern Tradition

Bridal portraiture is a great way to get a trial run for the wedding day. Living in Texas my whole life as a little girl I would see the beautiful bride dressed in her bride's dress at the entrance of the wedding reception. It was stunning to see such a beautiful portrait and then see the bride in real life. It's also a great way to see how your hair and makeup will look on the day of the wedding. This gallery is a preview of some of my favorite bridals.

Hair and Makeup Ready

I often have brides change up their hair on their wedding day after seeing their bridals. If they loved it up or had it down seeing the images truly helps them make that decision as well as how they feel about their makeup.


Sometimes after getting the dress back from Alterations its a good idea to try the dress on if you weren't given the chance at the business. I sometimes have brides realize something wasn't himmed properly or needs to be adjusted again. Bridals also allows you to walk in your dress, twirl in your dress and get a true feel of it. Also, keep in mind your wedding day shoes. They may be absolutely stunning, but having some extra ensoles in them will save your feet on the wedding day and keep you dancing all night.

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