5 years already? Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. When you’re with the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, five years seems like it’s only a drop in the bucket. Still, it is a special milestone which must be commemorated in the right way. We’ve got some ideas that might spark your imagination on what to do for this special occasion.

Photo Session

The first thing we’d suggest, of course, is a photo session with us. A five-year anniversary means that you’ve gotten over the initial hurdles of living together as a married couple. It’s too-special of an occasion to leave to selfie sticks. Why not make a set of before and after pictures with your wedding day photos and where you are now? If you do this over time, you can see a progression of your lives together that you and your family will treasure.

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Wedding band

Have you taken a look at your wedding band lately? It’s a treasured symbol of your marriage, but they do need a little care. You could take your rings to a professional jeweler to be cleaned and resized to show a renewed commitment. Or maybe you’ve seen some new wedding bands that you prefer much more? There’s nothing saying you can’t go buy new anniversary rings! Keep the old ones as a memento. You might even be able to get a jeweler to upgrade your current rings to a new fashion.

Revisit your honeymoon spot

Honeymoon vacations are one of the best things about getting married. All the stress of preparing for a wedding and going through it can now be dropped and you can focus on each other. Your 5th wedding anniversary could be another trip out to the place that was so special to you both. Leave the kids with your relatives for a few days and go have some fun. Maybe now you can do those things you planned on doing during your honeymoon but you were both too tired to do at the time, like getting out of bed to go sightseeing.

Mutual family get-together

For some people, the reception is the best part of the wedding. Why not recreate that part? Marriage is, after all, a blending of families. If you love to throw parties, throw a 5th anniversary wedding reception and replay the good times you all had together. Take out the old playlist and jam the night away with your loved ones. You could even ask for a cover charge to help defray the costs, or just invite the relatives you both really like. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Make a new tradition together

Of course, there’s nothing that says you have to stick to a traditional gift or activity for an anniversary. An anniversary is a celebration of your union that’s meant for the couple, not the family or society. So if the usual ideas don’t appeal to you, make up your own tradition. Find something meaningful to you both and make it a regular yearly reminder of the joy of that special day, or the continuing strength of your relationship as you travel life’s road together. Don’t worry, it’s your special day and your relatives aren’t going to interfere!

This article was written by Michael Hakob from TimelessWeddingBands.com.


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