When I first arrived at Vista West Ranch for the Mondy wedding I saw this beautiful, bright spirited bride coming towards me with the biggest smile. Jennifer literally lights up the room wherever she goes with her personality, charm and laugh. The day was off to a perfect start. Weather in Texas is always hit or miss and days prior to the wedding we had seen over three inches of rain in the area. Today it was warm and sunny and had the perfect making for a stunning ceremony. Jennifer and James have been together for over seven year, four of them were long distance while he was serving in the Marines. James, whose nickname is Tuesday, had one of the most amazing reactions to seeing Jennifer for the first time. It was perfect as her family and friends watched close by.

In remembrance of her sister, Jennifer had Meagan’s best friends be apart of the wedding day. She called them Mae’s Maids and each wore white and held a large sunflower. The whole wedding was a huge celebration and as you can tell everyone had an amazing time.

Jennifer and James aren’t the traditional type. They wanted the wedding to be about friendship and love. Jennifer said, ”   I know it’s weird but I think dumping some of the traditional wedding items and rules helped me achieve the atmosphere we wanted. I seriously thought it was so perfect. “The best day ever” if you will! Everyone says, “it goes so fast” but I really had a different experience. I felt like we talked to all of our guest, got to enjoy all the details that we worked so hard on, and still danced the night away! I really am not normally the cheesy life is perfect type, but I seriously feel this way when it comes to our wedding day.” 



Vista West Wedding_0152Vista West Wedding_0153Vista West Wedding_0154Vista West Wedding_0155Vista West Wedding_0156Vista West Wedding_0157Vista West Wedding_0158Vista West Wedding_0159Vista West Wedding_0160Vista West Wedding_0161Vista West Wedding_0162Vista West Wedding_0163Vista West Wedding_0164Vista West Wedding_0165Vista West Wedding_0166Vista West Wedding_0167Vista West Wedding_0168Vista West Wedding_0169Vista West Wedding_0170Vista West Wedding_0171Vista West Wedding_0172On “Mae’s Maids,” Jennifer: “There is not a day, minute, second that goes by that I don’t want to share with my sister. I knew that my wedding day would be no different. I thought about what I wanted to do to represent her and the traditional just wasn’t feeling right. My sister surrounded herself with the best group of girls. All of them are smart, beautiful, fun, and loving and they have always treated me as their own little sister. I thought the best way to represent her was to have all of her closest friends be a part of the wedding. I can’t explain it but it just felt like the right thing. It helped me focus on the happiness of the day rather than the sadness of her not being there. It helped me know she was watching over all of us that day. I know this is exactly what she would have wanted. “

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Venue | Vista West

Coordination | Coordinate This

Entertainment | Complete Music

Catering | P Terry’s

Floral | Barbie Forester

Dessert | Nothing Bundt Cakes


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