Pecan Springs Ranch Austin, Texas | Julie & Jody

Pecan Springs Ranch Austin, Texas | Julie & Jody

I was so honored to once again capture such a special love at the always gorgeous Pecan Springs Ranch, in Austin, Texas. Julie and Jody started the next chapter in their lives together in the beautiful¬† Texas outdoors. Both track stars, Julie was recently named Austin’s Fittest female for 2014.¬† She did heptathlon’s for ten years. Jody was also a college track star and rand long distances and 5k’s. I asked Julie what his fastest mile was and she calmly said around 4:17. These two athletes were surrounded by the love of family and friends and the weather was beautiful. Jody and his family serenaded Julie with a song during the reception that was beyond beautiful and truly from the heart. Both will be living in Singapore after their honeymoon and I could not be more excited to see what the future holds for these two amazing people. Enjoy!

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Venue- Pecan Springs Ranch

Coordinator- Frills Consulting

Floral- Verbena

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Musicians- Straight Frets

Catering- Verdes

Cake- Hill Country Cakes

Rentals- Whim


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