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Matt awaits Michelle with his groomsmen at the readyA Smooth Workflow

Memorable weddings don’t just happen. They take a bit of organization. To ensure a smooth flow of beautifully captured memories of your day, a timeline of wedding events will help guide your planning.We like to document couples as they get ready, so send over your timeline several weeks before the wedding.

Getting Ready

1.5 to 2.0 hours

Plan for some additional time for photos at the salon, and if you’re planning a “first look”.

Tip For Details

Gather all your details before the day starts so i can photograph them quickly! This makes the getting-ready portion of the day go by much more smoothly, and it allows me to spend more time focusing on the spontaneous moments when everyone is together. This list is mainly for the ladies, but same advice goes for the groomsmen.

Here are a few ideas: ring, jewelry, hair pieces, flowers, shoes, socks, cuff links, socks, letters, pictures, gifts, cultural items, invitations, programs, printed pieces, and any unique items you’ve put thought into.

The Wedding Ceremony

15 minutes to 1.5 hours

The length of your ceremony may vary widely. Afterward, allow more time for formal portraits (if planned) to allow your guests to leave the church or venue.

First Look?

It used to be considered taboo, but seeing each other before the ceremony allows you to get extra photos in while there is still daylight. it also helps to calm nerves and gets your reception started on time, as guests won’t have to wait long for the bride and groom to get their photos taken after the wedding. While this is not required, it is highly recommended!

The Formals

30 minutes to 1.0 hour

Formal portrait timing can vary widely depending on group size and family/group combinations.

Appoint someone to help with family formals after the ceremony.

Along with the candid and natural portraits taken throughout the day, most couples like to also include formal portraits with family & friend.

The best time to do these formal family portraits is typically right after the ceremony. This time can be extra chaotic if family members and friends are not all in the same place.

Crowd Management

It helps to have a designated friend who can proactively gather the groups so i can focus on creating beautiful photos! Usually this person knows the groups pretty well, they have a loud voice, and they can round people up with ease.


After the ceremony, have your officiant make an announcement asking family to stay in the ceremony location. have an appointed friend help facilitate the different groups you would like to have photographed. this means that they have the list of family members and they are gathering people either with an extra loud voice or a handheld microphone.

Keep your list of groups short. Please note that each group shot can take 2-3 minutes. We would all love to have photos with every important person at the wedding, but time is of the essence. Less is more in this type of situation, and you will have the reception to get group shots if necessary.

When these are in place, you are destined for fun and smooth formal portraits! this also allows for fun and creative wedding party photos afterwards, as well as romantic bride & groom portraits with beautiful golden hour lighting!

Wedding Party and The Newlyweds

1.0 to 1.5 hours

Timing can depend largely on the venue, size of the bridal party and variety of poses.

The Party

2.0 to 6.0 hours

Your first dance, cutting the cake, dancing guests, friends and family sharing your joy.

Remember. Your wedding day is unique, and planning together ensures you don’t miss a minute of this special time in your lives.

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